About Us – Anax Aesthetics | Never Retreat Never Surrender

Selecting the name of the brand that could really suit our vision was a monotonous but in the end a very successful task. We had to make sure that the name of the brand has to be something different, something that would instill the feeling of pride, honor, strength and courage inside you. So we came up with the name ANAX AESTHETICS as this name perfectly suits our vision. Here, ANAX means KING or LEADER. So basically ANAX AESTHETICS stands for KING OF AESTHETICS / LEADER OF AESTHETICS.

So as the name suggests, your workout is going to be nothing more than a workout fit for a king…Your workout will be a war, the gym will become your kingdom and the weights will become your weapon. It’s going to be brutal and hectic. You need to have the feeling of being a king to go through such pain and conquer it.


At ANAX AESTHETICS, we focus on the quality of the products being provided to you. We make sure that the materials being used to manufacture the apparels are of top-notch quality and are comfortable to wear.

Our products are technically designed to help you go through your workouts with ease. Our fabric blends and the precision with which they are woven are extremely important to us. Double dying our fabrics for longevity, as well as choosing robust and forgivable materials is a testament to our dedication to crafting the best product we can conceive of. We know that the innovations we develop today, will be the mainstays in fitness apparels tomorrow…And we are more than okay with paving the way.