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Gone those days when a loose t-shirt and a trouser or shot is enough to wear for involving in any fitness-related activities, like running, jumping or light to heavy workout in a gym or fitness center. Instead, today’s athlete or gym member requires stylish t-shirts and stringers to keep themselves motivated to achieve their respective fitness goals.

Because of this, an individual wants to lose extra body weight or reduce belly fat prefers for comfortable t-shirts (plain or printed designs), while a fitness freak wants to make 6-pack abs or build muscles goes with gym stringer vests as gym workout clothes.

Specialties of Gym Stringers

Comes with Excellent Muscle Fit

One of the prime reasons, for which bodybuilders perceive stringer as their favorite gym wear is they come with excellent muscle fit and give comfort.

Perfect Deep Cut

Secondly, unlike common type of gym t shirts, stringers come with deep cuts to reveal and emphasize hidden muscles of athletes and bodybuilders from front as well as backward directions. Indeed, this is a prime factor for the selection of stringer as men’s athletic apparel, as highlighting muscles let individuals to keep a track on their performance in fitness centers. Simultaneously, such gym workout clothes allow you to know the specific body area, on which you have to work hard to lose fat or build muscles.

Availability in Varying Shapes and Sizes

Besides deep cut and muscle fit, gym stringer vests come in varieties of shapes and sizes, so that you may easily choose the one according to your individual choice.

Specialties of Star Dust Veni Vidi Vici Limited Edition Performance Stringer

Even though, almost every type of stringers have gained popularity as demanded fitness apparel sports, a large number of athletes and gym members prefer for Limited Edition Performance Stringer available under the brand name of Star Dust Veni Vidi Vici from Anax Anesthetics online. Positive features of the mentioned men’s stringer vest include-

Dry-Tuff Polyester Material

Star Dust Veni Vidi Vici gym stringer consists of 100% polyester, which is one of the dry-tuff types of sweat absorbent materials, which keep individuals cool and give comfortable feelings during the entire workout session. Because of this, whether you have to do workout in a gym or fitness center and indulge yourself in high intensity exercise, such as jogging or cardio activities, you will find the stringer as perfect for your workout.

Perfect Combination of Comfort and Style

Stringer comes with low cut of sleeve and it maintains a perfect balance among style, comfort and lightweight factors. If this is not enough, the stringer vest gives a vibrant look based on its black color and print of silver sublimation. Besides this, with the aim to boost style of the mentioned gym wear, Anax Anesthetics designers have included Veni Vidi Vici print at the front, while the Anax Anesthetics brand name in Greek language at the back of the apparel.

Therefore, with the selection of perfect stringer vest to wear in gym, you will expect to give your best performance at workout.